Alexander Perkelvald, MD Vita Oklander, PA Dr. Raisa Oklander
Alexander Perkelvald, MD Vita Oklander, PA Dr. Raisa Oklander

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Our Mission:

To optimize overall health and well-being by prevention, proper diagnosis, latest treatment options and possible cure of Thyroid Dysfunction, Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic disorders and Endocrine disorders through:

  • Individually catered approach to patient care.
  • Focus on latest research and findings to improve outcomes.
  • Early detection of thyroid cancer through in house Ultrasound evaluation.
  • Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies of Thyroid done on premises with mutational analysis where indicated to prevent unnecessary surgery.
  • Early detection of thyroid abnormalities including comprehensive thyroid analysis to exclude autoimmune disease.
  • In house Diabetes Education with focus on dietary modifications, weight loss and prevention of Diabetes related complications.
  • Referral to a Weight Loss minimally invasive surgery if needed.

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